3D Easy Clean Air Cushion Hair Brush & 30ml Grandeur Almond Oil

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3D Easy Clean Air Cushion Hair Brush & 30ml Grandeur Almond Oil

This upgraded 3D easy clean hair brush has an oval base and padded base that won't snag or pull when combing or styling wet or dry hair. Untangle knotted hair easily, the comb teeth touch the scalp, and the airbag bounces back, which will not cause damage to the scalp.
Airbag scalp comb, just press the button on the back of the brush, the airbag releases all hair and debris instantly. Dandruff and dry scalp, promote healthy scalp and hair growth Cleaning is quick and easy, saving your time.
Massage function. Anti-static detangling hair brush, can better massage, remove dead skin cells, relieve stress and relax muscles, increase blood circulation, reduce hair breakage, ergonomic, massage the scalp every time you use it, let you keep moving.
Grooming brush with upgraded non-slip handle. The handle is matte and non-slip, made of high quality material, easy to use. The bristles are long enough to massage the scalp, promote blood circulation and help hair grow healthily. Perfect for straight, curly, thin, thick, damaged hair, wigs and even hair extensions. Whether wet or dry, brushing is painless, with less breakage, effective and better control of hair.

Includes a 30ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil for Hair in a dropper bottle

Makes a great gifting idea. Comes in a box, merely wrap it up and gift to your loved one.

What's in the box
1 x 30ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil
1 x 3D Easy Clean Air Cushion Hair Brush