4 Pieces Home Décor Crystal Chime Sun Catcher

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4 Pieces Home Décor Crystal Chime Sun Catcher

Add sparkle and color to you home with these magical decorations.
You can decorate indoors and outdoors with these Crystal Hanging Pendants to add a touch of elegance to your home or garden. They will create the most beautiful rainbow when the sunlight or any other kind of light hits them. Gently shake or spin your crystal prisms to make the rainbows dance across the room. Each of our Crystal Suncatchers is laser cut with a carefully calculated number of facets on individual clear crystal, allowing for a higher reflectivity. Under sunlight, they will refract more colors and more dazzling spots. This is absolutely gorgeous quality.

4 pack handmade ornament to bring a little light and color into your life. Keep you inspired and encouraged, help you find strength and stability.

This sun catchers hanging ornament decoration can perfectly fit in any living or working space. Put it in your living room, bedroom, office, Christmas tree, indoor window. It will help you attract positive energy, it promotes beauty, health, and all good things. It is a perfect housewarming gift for friends, family or a cherished loved one.

Approximately 33 - 36cm in total length.

Top of chain has a hook for easy attachment to where you need to hang it.

What's in the box
4 x Pieces Sun Catcher