Beard Grooming Kit

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Great Value Set: We’ve combined the best moustache and beard care products we can offer in this ultimate grooming set. Perfect Gift, Ideal for anyone with a beard or moustache, or thinking about growing one. Beard Growth kit will restore, protect and bring your hair back to life.

-Natural Material: All natural ingredients, care for gentle skins. For this Beard care, A fuller, healthier beard is on the way for you.
-Complete Grooming: get a few drops of shampoo to wash your beard after detangling and moisturizing, then soften the hair with beard oil before styling with the beard balm.
-Styling image: After washing and conditioning your beard with shampoo and oil, then with the beard balm and simple operation by fingertips, styling your beard as your heart desires.
-Reliable Usage: Use Shampoo to wash first. After drying out a bit, oil to soften your beard. Then scrape the desired amount out by using the back of your thumbs, then warm and rub in your palms and apply There you go with a nice beard style.

What's in the box
1X 3 Piece Men's Beard Grooming Kit