Breathable Nail Polish (15ml)

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Breathable nail polish is exactly what it sounds like—nail polish that gives your fingernails and toenails the opportunity to, breathe. This type of nail polish is formulated so that the molecules are suspended, which allows water and oxygen to pass through the polish and onto your nails.

Breathable Formula – Allows water & oxygen to permeate through it, essentially allowing your nails to breathe.

Ablution Friendly. PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of animal by products and animal testing.

6 totally-worth-it benefits of using breathable nail polish

1. Goodbye toxic chemicals

True fact: many nail polish formulations contain known toxic substances, like formaldehyde, camphor and toluene. Whilst no nail polish formula can ever be totally toxic free, our formulas are officially 12-Free, which means we steer clear of aforementioned substances plus similarly difficult-to-say chemicals.

2. Healthier nails

Did you know that nails are oily? Yep, your nails are actually ‘hydrated’ by their natural oils. It’s what keeps them flexible and healthy. Traditional polish can trap these oils and weakens the nails. Breathable nail polish allows the natural movement of oil through and then off the nail. This means your nails stay beautifully hydrated but don’t become overly soft or weak.

3. Manicures for days

While we’re talking about oils; when you have a build up of oil on your nails your polish can’t ‘grip’ to it. And when you’re nail polish doesn’t grip, you get chips. Lot’s of them, frustratingly quickly. Breathable polish makes for a stronger, longer lasting manicure. Breathable nail polishes last around 5-7 days without chipping.

4. Breath easy between looks

Breathable clear coats as well.

5. Quick dry time

It turns out that, if air can penetrate through your nail polish, the dry time is drastically reduced. Crazy, huh? Less time to wait. Less time for smudges to happen as you get bored waiting. And if you use quick dry spray, then we’ve totally got rid of an extra product AND another step in your routine. Did we mention the easy application?

6. Massive social impact

Water permeable (breathable) nail polish makes it possible to perform ablution and maintain a set of beautifully polished nails. Ablution is a religious purification practice that Muslims perform multiple times a day in preparation for prayer. The practice involves completely cleansing the hands, including the nails, which wouldn’t be possible if the individual was wearing regular, non-breathable nail polish. With this tiny change on a tiny level, nail polish is suddenly way more equitable.