Extra Strong Yellow Peeling Oil (110ml)

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Yellow Peeling Oil. Benefit Brightens new scars, stretch marks & dark spots. Tightens pores and exfoliates dead skin. Helps nourish and moisturize the skin. It cleans and smooths the skin, exfoliates, and helps the pores become firm.

EASY TO USE THE BODY EXFOLIATOR: On clean and dry skin, use a cotton swab to apply a thin, even layer of yellow exfoliating oil to the face or body, and wait for 15 minutes and then rinse it.

Direction :

Apply the yellow peeling oil evenly to the skin and Wait for 15 minutes

And then rinse with water. Please use the yellow peeling oil three times a day. Morning, Noon, and Night.

It is necessary to use the yellow oil skin peeling for 3-7 consecutive days.

Use the hydrating and brightening cream or lotion for a better result.

NOTE: Please follow the user's instructions to use the body peeling oil. So that you could see the amazing effect.

Don't use the scrub on the area where you have applied the peeling oil.

Wait for 5-7 days for your rough skin to peel off. Please don't peel off the skin with your hand, And make the skin peel off naturally.

Please pay attention to sun protection when using the yellow peeling oil for Type 4-6 skin types (According to Fitzpatrick Scale)

Important to note: This yellow peel lessens the appearance of dark marks, pimples and scars with a 3-day application process to rid you of old, dead skin to reveal fresh, new and baby-like skin. IMPORTANT: Results vary. Depending on your skin, you may or may not experience peeling after your first 3-day application