15l Portable Electric Cooler Bag

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15l Portable Electric Cooler Bag

Compact, portable and efficient capacity cooler bag

Manufactured from premium material, high grade nylon & waterproof material. Contains an aluminum thin layer which provides uniform insulation. Adjustable Shoulder Strap and reflective thread knitting.
Uses a 12V DC, and is convenient for RV, offices, dorms, apartment, hotels, home, farmhouses, parties, clinics and more. You can pre cool prior to adding your items to the bag to maintain your food, drinks, medicines for a long time without spoiling.(4-5 hour for pre cooling for best results)

Bag has a carry handle and shoulder strap for your convenience.

Voltage: 12V DC
Capacity: 15 Litre
Power: 55 W
Min Cooling Temperature: 10 Degrees Celsius lower than the surrounding environment

What's in the box
1 x 15l Portable Electric Cooler Bag