Anti Choking Device

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Anti-Choking Device-a non-invasive airway clearance device designed to save lives. It is a great and must have for your first aid kit at home or in the office for emergencies. This self-powered, single patient portable suction device is developed specifically for clearing the upper airway during emergencies when standard choking protocols have proven unsuccessful.

The Anti-Choking Device features a patented one-way valve system. When applied, it creates a one-way suction that effectively removes lodged food or objects without the risk of damaging the oral cavity or pushing the obstruction further down. In panic situations, it prevents the tongue from being pushed back, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

No prescription required and entails zero maintenance, making it incredibly convenient for everyone.

Instruction guidelines and a case for easy storage included.

 What's in the box

1 x Teen Mask

1 x Adult Mask

1 x Anti Choking Mechanism