Bio Roller G4 - Microneedling

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Derma roller naturally increases the levels of collagen and refreshes your skin. The 0.5mm depth needle can safely and effectively be used on the entire face area.
Now derma rollers are becoming a common cosmetic procedure as treatment by stimulating collagen and elastin production.
It is very effective for all scar types, especially for hard-to-heal acne, stretch mark and atrophic white scaring.
Bio Roller G4 has 1200 titanium needles, hygienic with needles that are 3 - 4 times stronger than stainless steel, and has a longer service life than the traditional rollers.

- Stretch marks
- Acne and surgical scars
- Wrinkles and anti-aging
- Ice pick and chickenpox scars
- Treating and reducing cellulite
- Enlarged pores
- Lack of firmness
- Age spots and sun damage
- Under-eye bags
- Hair loss
- Hyper pigmentation

- Simple to use and safe procedure
- Sealed and sterilized medical stainless steel, titanium needles
- Medical and cosmetic grade roller
- Non-slip handle, exquisite design

Surface layer fine lines and wrinkles can be improved with a 0.5mm derma roller or microneedling device. For deeper and more established lines or to produce more collagen you should opt for a 1mm tool

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