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2000 Dissolving micro-needles per patch

The perfect at home easy to use micro-needle patches. Can be used on the forehead, under the eye, nasolabial folds and chin. Keeps your skin looking and acting younger and healthier.

Reduces dark circles. Firm skin. Reduces puffiness. Nourishes and plumps. Hydrates. Recover elasticity

How it works:

Micro-needles are a great way of increasing the delivery of skincare actives that can’t be done with conventional skincare products. The micro-needle tips of 0.25mm act like a dart and penetrates through the skin barrier creating micro-channels for easy absorption of products. Dissolving micro-needles gently penetrate the stratum corneum to reach the epidermis, then slowly dissolve to deliver the active ingredients. The needles/darts are made of water-soluble ingredients, so they can dissolve when they are applied and meet the water in your skin.

Formulated using 90% Hyaluronic Acid, the patches are ideal for restoring lost moisture for a deeply hydrated finish and to relax the beginnings of fine lines, delaying their progression into deeper wrinkles.

- UNIQUE: Advanced and fast dissolving micro-needles (0.25mm) on the press on patches
penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to firm and hydrate the skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the eye area targeting concerned areas to leave the area looking smooth.
- FAST ACTING: 2000 micro-needles on each patch maximize absorption. The micro-needles may cause a mild prickling sensation upon first application but are gentle and not uncomfortable. The micro-needles quickly dissolve into the skin.
- SMOOTH and FIRM: Each micro-needle contains a concentrated formula that is specially designed to deliver everything you need for firmer, smoother and hydrated eye skin.
- HYDRATION: For best results apply the patches before you go to sleep. Treatment area will feel refreshed and hydrated and will continue to look smoother with prolonged use. The gentle yet hardworking ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin.
- EASY TO USE: Micro-needle length is 0.25mm and you don't need to worry about the pain. The peel off patches are easy to use and fit perfectly onto the desired area.
Use twice a week for at least 2 hours for optimal results. After use there may be some mild redness but this quickly disappears to reveal fresh and smooth skin. Use once a week to maintain the skin.

For all skin types.

- Do not touch the middle part of the film with your hand.
- When you just put it on, there may be a slight tingling sensation.
- Best used before going to bed, remove after getting up in the morning.
- Use 1-2 times a week.
- After opening the patch, please use it within 5 minutes.
- Ensure face is cleansed properly before use. Do not use on irritated skin.
- After removing the patch, the residual is hyaluronic acid, and it can be washed.
- After use, the skin will be slightly red, this is normal. However, if swelling or continuous redness occurs, stop using it immediately.

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