Derma-Sentials - Ultrasound Gel (500ml)

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Contact medium for sonar, beauty and ultrasonic applications

In case of eye contact: Flush thoroughly with water
In case of ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, drink water and consult your physician.

Aqueous contact medium, Medium Viscosity.
Non-sticky and Non-staining

Directions for use
Apply liberally according to standard procedure.
Easy to wipe clean.

Non-toxic and Non-irritating
Avoid contact with eyes.

Store in a sealed container
Store in a cool dry environment, out of direct sunlight

Apply a 1-2 mm thick layer of the gel to the cleaned area and use a beauty treatment according to the instruction for use of your beauty device. The gel residue can be removed after the treatment with a clean paper towel.
Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Clear Transparent Colour