Dr CPU Aqua Peeling Hydra Facial Concentrate Solution

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This product should cooperate with the Small Bubble Beauty Machine. It is the concentrated peeling solution and a bottle of 30ml must be diluted with 370ml water when you use it.
It can improve skin elasticity and aging trace.
Suitable for most skin types, neutral skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and acne skin.
Ideal for replenishing moisture for deep skin, regaining elasticity, shrinking pores, rejuvenating and improving skin, smoothing wrinkles, etc. It is a great choice for beauty salon.


AS1 is for all skin types 
AS1 Function: clean exfoliants,mild and non-irritating,soft exfoliation,no added,include shedding of keratinocytes,lasting moisture retention,promote collagen regeneration
Water,urea,carboxamides,hyaluronic acid,lactic acid,diphenoxyethanol,perfume,ethylenediaminetetraacetiacid

SA2 is for sensitive skin
SA2 Functions: exfoliating acne,gentle and non-irritating,strong cleansing power,mild horniness,relieves acne,rashes and other problems.effectively moisturizes and calms skin
water,urea,adventure diamine tannic acid,salicylic acid,phenoxyethanol,spices,ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

AO3 is for skin that needs nutrition or hydration
AO3 Fuctions: Moisturizes and nourishes the skin,improves skin immunity,inhibits melamin,vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin,restores damaged cells,helps regeneration
water ,purslane,carbamide,hyaluronic acid,aloe vera leaves.Phenoxyethanol,urea,spices

How to use?

A bottle of 30ml must be diluted with 370ml water
1. AS1: solution + compression mask static compress 5-8 minutes, the overall softening of the cuticle.
2. SA2: solution added net level, the use of bubble hair to clean the whole face of the skin.
3. A03: cleanse your face, add A03 solution to the oxygen meter water bottle, the whole face can be sprayed wet.

AS1 nutrient solution can be used on all skin types
SA2 is for sensitive skin
AO3 for skin that needs nutrition or hydration
The three nutrient solutions can be used in combination