Eyebrow Stamping Kit

The Flavineers

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Each kit comes with three pieces
- 10 x Eyebrow stencil
- 2 x Spiral brush
- 1 x Brow stamp.

The stamp itself is a cylindrical tube with a rounded sponge applicator, infused with pigment that's available in different shades.

While holding a stencil shape on your brow, uses the spiral brush to brush the hair before dabbing the product on the area. Once you feel that there is enough product on your eyebrows, remove the stencil and brush your brow hairs with the spiral brush once again. Can be used daily if required.

Tip: Adjust the stencil to thickness of eyebrow and desired shape

Colours available
Dark Brown

What's in the box
10 x Eyebrow Stencils
2 x Spiral eyebrow brushes
1 x Shadow stick