Fougera - Vitamin A + D (Tattoo and PMU Skin Healing Ointment)

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This ointment contains Vitamin A and D, which assists in the healing process of the skin after injury. Widely used by salons on their clients post treatment. Used by Beauty therapists, PMU artist, Aestheticians and Tattoo artists.

Wound repair gel is an essential product of the beauty procedure. Quick healing, no discoloration after using it. The wound will quickly heal, not scabby and decoloring

Keep the wound clean.

Before using, wash the wound with water

How to use
After tattoo & permanent makeup operation: use this for 3 days. Cover the wound with this product through the cotton swab evenly, three to five times a day.

  • Package Includes: The tattoo healing ointment comes in individual packets of 5g each, more hygienic and easy to carry, which will allow you to always have your tattooing ointment with you, without having to carry bulky tattoo aftercare cream.
  • High Quality: This scar repair cream contains natural Vitamin A and Vitamin D as well as potent skin-soothing herbal ingredients, which can effective prevent scarring and nourish your skin. Refine the ointment from the thyme hibiscus, celery, snakeweed, licorice and licorice, which is safe, non-toxic and harmless without side effects.
  • Promotes Skin Healing: Vitamin A and D ointment can provide moisture to help return the skin to a healthy state and prevent the formation of melanin and scarring. The anti-inflammatory properties will help your tattoo heal faster and prevent dryness and itchiness.
  • Widely Used: Vitamins A&D tattoo ointment can effectively moisturizing and calming your skin, help your tattoo heal faster. It can also be used for minor burns, diaper rash, nipple care and dry skin.