Anti Freezing Membrane

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Anti Freeze Membrane
(28 x 28cm)

This membrane is suited for cryo-lipolysis machine, and can protect the skin from frostbite.

At a certain low temperature , subcutaneous adipose tissue will be converted to solid and machine is use this theory premature aging of fat cells , so as to achieve the effect of weight loss .But some human tissue parts are fragile , if it is directly contact with machine and there will moderately frostbite, so in order to avoid this problem , we especially make a kind of organic pad that is antifreeze membrane , it can effectively protect the treatment area to frostbite.

Antifreeze membrane is an important and necessary part of every, single treatment with the most advanced method of eliminating fat Antifreeze membrane contains hypoallergenic substances that during development have proved most suitable for safe and clean handling and basic membrane was fabricated using a new, advanced technology nanostructures.

Unique recipe antifreeze
Cryotherapy antifreeze protect skin
Antifreeze used below -20 degree temperature

Suitable machines: suitable for all cryotherapy slimming machine
Beauty Spa / Salon or Clinic