Glow in The Dark Galaxy Wall Art Set

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Glow in The Dark Galaxy Wall Art Set:
This wall art comprises off the galaxy and is a sticker made of a phosphorescent material that absorbs light when it is bright and emits light when it gets dark. By attaching the sticker to the ceiling or wall, you can enjoy the starry sky when you turn the lights off. It emits stored light energy and emits its its own luminescence, so it will glow in the dark. Not powerful luminescence, the visibility will decrease over time, but still enjoy for a period of time. As an estimated amount of illumination, it will glow for about 4 hours after placing the fluorescent light for about 15 minutes

Includes 1 independent full moon and 4 sheets of stickers (stickers) in various shapes such as stars, unicorns, castles, crescent moons, and so on, so you can delight your favorite stories. This is your chance to create a magical atmosphere for your kids when it gets dark. They will now look forward to bedtime in awe of their new decal. For those living in stressful society, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing space like sleeping outside the campsite. It is especially suitable for people who feel happiness in the "delighting and entertaining" because it will be completely different from the daytime. It comes with a large 8-inch (20 cm) full moon seal so you can see the moon every night.

Deal for bedrooms, children's rooms, hallways, utility rooms, and other places where you need to put them in the dark while you are in your life. It can also be used to mark in the dark, so you can attach it to the power switch or the surrounding area to go to the toilet at night, making it easy to find the location of the switch when you wake up. You can expect a shorter time from getting up and turning on the power. It is also recommended to be placed on stairs, hallways, doors, etc. in case of a disaster or sudden power outage or load shedding

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  • 1 x Glow in The Dark Galaxy Wall Art Set