Gold Soluble Protein Threads

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Anti-wrinkle soluble protein threads

How to use the protein line:
Remove makeup and clean face with facial cleanser.
Ensure face is clean, place warm/hot towel over the face or steam the facial area to ensure pores are open.
This will help with better product absorption.
Spread serum or essence over the treatment area, and ensure the area is sufficiently moist.
Place thread overtreatment and ensure the thread line is straightened, and there is the tight distribution of thread on the position of the skin.
Place more serum if necessary over the thread line and approximately five minutes to absorb and dissolve, till the line presents a transparent state.
Gently pat the remaining visible areas of the thread which, massage absorption. (Dispersing - massage - lift) so that there will be efficient absorption of the thread line.

Note: If wrinkles are deep you may pile on an additional thread in the treatment area.

(Our Gold essence and Hyaluronic essence works well) 

Leaves you glowing

What's in the box
1 x Sachet of Gold Protein Threads (12 threads in a sachet)