Grandeur Exfoliating Silicone Face Brush & Spatula

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4-in-1 Face Brush - These silicone face cleansing brushes have a unique double-head design, one head is silicone brush, it's for face and nose cleansing, face massage and the other head is a flexible silicon spatula for application, no more get your hands dirty, which is suitable for mud, clay, charcoal mixed and other cosmetic products

Silicone face scrubber can cleanse face and body areas, soft yet deep cleans, can remove dead skin, blackheads and eliminate unwanted oils leaving a healthy shine on the face.  Facial brush with gentle soft silicone bristles, abrasive enough to exfoliate; our manual face wash brush with the ergonomic designed acrylic handle, easier to grip gentle, pulsating, massage and deep cleanse.

Massage - There is another side of this silicone face brush head that can be used for massage. Use it to massage in circle from inner to outer face, then wash your face.

Portable - This portable size cleansing brush will meet your daily requirements, convenient to carry. Easy to use & clean, easy to dry, and can be used repeatedly.

Our experts recommend using a silicone scrubber on the face and body for a gentle, yet effective clean. Although the scrubber is more gentle than other forms of cleansing or exfoliating, be cautious when using it if you have sensitive skin conditions. It is recommended that you wash the scrubber after each use.