Handheld RF and EMS Hair Hair Regrowth Device

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Handheld Rf and EMS Hair Regrowth Device

This handheld device combines RF, LED and EMS technology to promote hair growth and healthy scalp circulation. RF device effectively stimulates the scalp and induces hair growth by triggering growth factor production.

The RF (Radio Frequency) can help to accelerate blood circulation on the forehead by 20-30% and top of the head by 40-60%. Based on that, RF can help oxygen and nutrition lead to hair follicles, which helps to prevent hair loss

EMS is a low-frequency muscle stimulation technology that unblocks clogged pores, enhances hair nutrient absorption, and strengthens hair roots. By sending small electrical currents into the scalp, EMS can help to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles. This can result in improved hair growth and overall scalp health.

Specifically for promoting hair regrowth, however also has a facial function comb.

Potent Serum used for reducing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.
Can be used with this device alternatively with your dermaroller or dermastamp.

This offer includes 3 comb heads, 1 of which can be used to add a few drops of your hair serum into the back of the comb (as seen in the picture) and start treatment.

What's in the box
1 x RF & EMS Device

5ml Anti-hairloss PDRN Serums Available Separately (Main Ingredients: Polydeoxyribonucleotide, Dexpanthenol, Biotin, Vitamins B, Iron).

Can also substitute it with your own favorite hair growth serum.