Head Massage Comb, 2ml Pipette & 10ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil

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Massage Comb Applicator, 2ml Pipette & 10ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil

The scalp applicator massage is made of premium plastic material, rolling ball massage, smooth surface, wear resistant, sturdy, comfortable and durable, easy to clean.
The oil applicator has a transparent appearance, with clear scales the edges, allows you to know the amount of liquid at any time with minimum wastage.
The head scalp massage brush can distribute the essential nutrient to the scalp or cellulite areas and accelerate absorption without getting hands too messy. It also facilitates even application. The head has a silicone cap to ensure no damage to the combs occurs and keep it clean.
Can be used as a hair root applicator and is suitable for applying hair oil, hairspray, liquid, essential oil, serum, etc.
Can be used as a cellulite treatment applicator and is suitable for applying massage oils, liquid, essential oil, serum, etc.
There are many applicators on the market, what makes this offer great is that you can fill an exact amount of oil/serum into the applicator and use directly onto area, it accommodates for 5ml oil/serum/liquid and is so compact and lightweight, easy to carry, can fit into your pockets and bags. Mini size and great for travel. Don't leave those nice to have tools at home, now you can take this with and enjoy some relaxation after a long day.

Capacity: 5ml
Material: Plastic

2ml Pipette
Supplied for exact measurement of your oil or serum you wish to use in the applicator

10ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet almond oil is high in Vitamin A, which is important for encouraging cell growth and could aid hair growth. The oil also contains Vitamin E whilst also being an antioxidant, which helps to moisturize and enrich your skin, hair and face.

We have coupled this applicator comb with sweet almond oil which is a versatile oil that can be used on the hair and skin. This is just to get you started, you can rinse out the applicator and use coconut oil for your if preferred alternatively use grapeseed (grapefruit) oil for cellulite treatment.

What's in the box
1 x Serum and Massage Comb Applicator
1 x 2ml Pipette
1 x 10ml Grandeur Sweet Almond Oil