InstaLift Korean Protein Threads

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What is protein line? Protein line is a kind of line composed of absorbable protein. Through the lifting of the line body, it can improve skin relaxation and maintain beautiful skin and youthful appearance.

This is why InstaLift Protein Thread Lifting Set is special

  • Prevent skin from sagging.
  • Help improve the dryness of skin caused by water shortage.
  • Deeply moisturize skin.
  • Make skin crystal clear and unlock permeable light muscle.
  • Can tighten the skin to make the skin more elastic.
  • Eliminate false wrinkles and fine lines that have not yet formed.
  • Suitable for people of different ages, moist and texture, will not increase the nutritional burden of the skin.
  • It can promotes white nourishing skin.

How to Use:

  1. Evenly spray our gold serum (or any other serums) on your face.
  2. Then gently place the golden protein thread to your face according to the muscle direction.
  3. Then spray gold serum on you face and massage it from bottom to top with your finger belly and let your skin absorb it.
  4. Use daily
  5. For deeper wrinkles you may have to layer on the protein threads

Visible results post 7days

*Results may vary with different serums

Each bottle contains 20 threads

2 x Bottles

Note (This set only contains the threads, no serums included)