Ion Detox Foot Spa Machine

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Ion Detox Foot Spa Machine

Advanced ionic foot detox machine

The foot bath detox machine is automatic and needs no adjusting, pre-programmed 30 min per session, easy to use, one key on/off, plug and play.

Affordable detox foot spa - our ionizer uses only water to create a reaction without any side effect and toxic substance, giving you total body purification.

Benefit for the detox foot spa session - ✨The produced negative hydrogen can enhance your immune system

✨Balance blood sugar and pressure

✨Helps to relieve pain from arthritis, rheumatoid

✨Improve your memory and sleep, pain relief

✨Aids in weight loss


Remove toxins with this ion detox foot spa machine


Widely used and durable professional equipment - suitable for family, individual, beauty club and spa club to work as foot spa ionizer, also used with massage tub, manicure tub, or other foot soaker, etc

What's in the box

1 x Ion Detox Foot Spa Machine