Ion Detox Foot Spa Replacement Array

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The Ionic Detox system produces positive and negative ions in the foot bath water. It produces a low current, low voltage signal and sends it through the array submerged in the foot bath water. The current in the array creates ionization through a process known as electrolysis. Toxins that are stored in the body often fall into the biomolecule species of free radicals. A free radical is a molecule that has lost an electron making them extremely unstable and reactive. Free radicals can be extremely dangerous to biological systems because they rupture bonds in cells’ biomolecules. If a free radical reacts with a biomolecule, it typically steals an electron from an atom and leaves the biomolecule missing an electron, thereby becoming a new free radical. That creates a chain reaction that proliferates free radicals, rupturing chromosomes and cell membranes. 

The array needs to be replaced after being used for a certain amount of times, as it is a consumable item. The array should last for approximately 35-40 uses, also depending on the quality and mineral content of the water and the length of each detox session.

What's in the box?

1 x Array Replacement