Matrigen B-Tox Peel (Herbal Peel/No Needle)

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This peel is of Korean origin and is also referred to as a 'no needle peel' or a 'herbal peel' and induces the needling effect via a non-injectable peel application process.
Non-chemical peeling B-Tox is a 3D nano-needle implant for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. SiliTox microneedles are organosilicon compounds. Raw materials for them are extracted from rare species of deep-sea coral. This peel features Silitox needles (Needle Sponge Extract) which have been extracted using biological technology.

Benefits of the B-Tox Peel:
• Detoxifying skin with dull complexion (uneven and dry complexion leads to fast skin aging)
• Cell regeneration.
• Promotes formation of collagen and elastin.
• Restructures skin tissues
• Hyper pigmentation
• Regulates production of sebum.
• Purify Acne and oily skin

The B-Tox peel is rich in Silitox minerals, which penetrates into the dermis and the epidermal layer of the skin and stimulates blood circulation continuously for upto 48 hours post treatment. It allows the thickened scaly layer of the skin to shed, as well as eliminates dead skin and keratin build up in the pores and epidermis. It also helps to accelerate cell regenerative cycles.

Recommended for facial use only 

This is a professional home peel kit and to be used according to the guidelines provided. Ensure you know your skin type to obtain maximum results

Peeling may last 7 - 9 days depending on peel depth.

What's in the box
1 x 1g B-Tox Powder
1 x 8ml B-Tox Solution
1 x 10ml SRS Calming Ampoule
1 x 10ml SRS Rejuvenation Ampoule
1 x Instruction Manual

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