Kormesic Exfoliating, Whitening Serum (30ml)

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This AHA BHA serum has a mild concentration of fruit acids suitable for oily sensitive prone skin

Fruit Acid Essence
Active Ingredients: Fruit Acid, Salicylic Acid
Function: Gently exfoliate to improve rough skin. Moisturizes effectively to not dry out oily skin. Shrink pores making you look smooth and radiant.

Suitable for skin type: A variety of skin types, however more for oily prone skin who needs a less concentration of AHA and BHA. Even though it is 30% and 2% respectively, once the skin is accustomed to the acids, can be used every 3 days.

Please do a test patch.

How to use
1. After cleaning, dry your face (remember to use it after cleaning and drying the face, not on wet skin)
2. Take 3-4 drops on your fingers, and then apply it on your face. Take a thin layer on the face, massage into the nose, chin, forehead or apply a little more oil (avoid the eyes and around the eyes)
3. Stay for about 10 minutes (remember to stay on your face within 10 minutes each time) Cleanse your face with water, then moisturize your face.
4. Start with once a week, and build your way up so the skin becomes accustomed to the acids.