Large Road Map Toddler Play Rug & Grandeur Tissues

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Tons of fun with our large road map of the city play mat.

The bottom is made of anti-slip plastic points, which is safe and does not damage the floor. The hemming is neatly crafted, with multiple stitches. This modern play mat is large enough for 2 or 3 kids to play comfortably and safe. You can also do some 3D building activities in certain areas on the carpet. This is an awesome way to enhance your little one's knowledge about the road, road safety and the city (hospitals, fire stations, helipad) while they are having fun. Learn and play makes a kid happy I say.

The carpet surface is made of high-density and high-weight crystal velvet, which has the characteristics of delicate and gentle touch, resistance to stepping, comfort, sound insulation and cool insulation. Anti-Slip Backing with dotted plastic particles anti-slip backing, anti-slip, wear-resistant and more durable. Children can play freely and safely.

Easy to Wash: Vacuum regularly for a fresh new and clean look. If you need to wash, add some mild detergent and gently wash carpet by hands. Then put the rug out to dry. Best to expose to direct sun continuously.

Size: 160cm x 230cm
Note: This is not memory foam carpet
Makes an awesome gift idea, or purchase for your school which will keep kids entertained on an ongoing daily basis.
The carpet comes folded, hence to help remove fold lines faster you can flatten a new rug by leaving it just a few hours under in a warm sunny area will help to flatten your rug with minimal effort. There also some you-tube videos online which indicate how this can be done giving different options.

Pack of 100 Grandeur Facial Tissues

 What's in the box

  • 1 x Large Road Map Rug
  • 1 x Grandeur Tissues