Madero Therapy - Anti-Cellulite and Massage Tool Set

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Maderotherapy is a non-invasive treatment using wooden tools to help break down fat, sculpt, redefine, reduce cellulite, promote weight loss, and provide different massage treatments for various body areas.

Made up of sturdy, rustproof and wear proof wood.
The massager stimulates lymphatic drainage, which can be applied to remove residual toxins and fat in the body, improve the flow of blood and lymph in the whole body, and relieve muscle tension and fatigue

Wide application: you can use this maderoterapia kit for massage in your spare time, such as watching TV, playing mobile phone, reading or working, and can also massage your partner's.

Professional Use: These lymphatic drainage tools are necessary equipment for masseuses, and also suitable for athletes, dancers and fitness lovers to massage their muscles after exercise

This unique set includes a variety of wooden instruments which can be used on all body areas, that is designed to provide the ultimate massage and weightloss effects

What's in the box
1 x Large Wooden Cube
1 x Normal Wooden Cube
1 x Wooden Contour (Gua Sha Effect)
1 x Wooden Belt Roller
1 x Wooden Suction Cup
1 x Wooden Teeth Mushroom Head