Mini Galvanic Device Anti Aging Treatment & 10ml Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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Winner anti-aging treatment for home use. Can also be used as an add-on professional anti aging treatment

Galvanic treatments:
The galvanic device is used to direct a galvanic current of ions directly into the skin. These positive and negative ions act like a magnet on top of the skin's surface, and will slowly push the product lying on the skin's surface down into the deeper layers. This current is activated when the probes make contact with the serum on the treatment area. Absorption of product is increased which will result in overall improvement of skin concerns (depending on the serum used - Included is a 10ml bottle to get your treatment started)

The best way to use this device:
1. Cleanse area of treatment
2. Apply your anti-aging serum, (Matrixyl or Argireline is a great anti-aging serum, any peptide serum would suffice). We have coupled this anti-aging treatment with the most hydrating and preferred serum which is the well renowned fountain of youth serum, i.e. hyaluronic acid
3. Begin with level 1 mode, the shocks and tingling increase in intensity with each mode

Note: Do not use with oil-based products or creams, the device will not vibrate.
Use with a peptide serum for current to pass through. Can also be used with a little ultrasound gel, this merely provides a contact between your skin and the probes. For maximum benefit, use your anti-aging serum and pat into skin, prior to using the device. Thereafter either use the same serum or apply the ultrasound gel to create the contact to transfer the current into the epidermis. The gel or serum applied to treatment area prior to using the device is to induce the current from the device into the epidermis of the skin.

USB cable is for charging only. Do not use the device while it is charging.
Device comes in a case and has a charger

Just 5 - 10 minutes a day will help to:
- tighten facial muscles
- lift and rejuvenate skin
- reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- helps tighten and lift sagging jowls
- refine overall skin texture
- help reduce broken capillaries
- improves circulation for a healthy glow

This induces direct current hence below is a list of contra-indication
Metal Implants
Cancer or chronic disease - discussed with your doctor.
Wait 2 weeks after Botox and fillers
Do not use over the thyroid area of the neck.

10ml Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Hyaluronic Acid Serum, is a hydrating serum and adds a natural plump to the skin at the cellular level. Its ability to attract and retain water, makes it a great hydrating moisturizer and suitable for skin lubrication during the treatment process. This magic in a bottle coupled with aesthetic treatments enhances the anti-aging hydrating combination, hence the term fountain of youth. Hyaluronic is the ultimate go to serum.

Don't leave your skin regimen at home. Both items easy to use and carry with you practically anywhere.
Also makes a great gift for those concerned about their aging appearance.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Mini Galvanic Device
  • 1 x 10ml Grandeur Hyaluronic Acid