Mini Mushroom Gua Sha Stone

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Mini Mushroom Gua Sha 

Made of natural Jade and Rose Quartz Stone: 100% premium rose quartz stones (Pink Shroom), 100% high quality natural Green Aventurine (Green Shroom). Simple to use, great addition to a professional skin treatment. Portable, easy for travel or home use. Scraping tool can be used with toners, essential oils, body lotions, etc., to maximize blood circulation and better absorption, which can reduce signs of aging, reduce stress and restore metabolism.
The size or the color is a little different of each stones because all of them are natural stones
Each piece of Mushroom face massager is polished very smooth and each piece is unique, it feels also very comfortable when placed on sensitive skin. Approximate size on picture. Small and larger head, great for use under eyes, cheeks forehead and neck. By slight rotation or the hands and moving/gliding with a comfortable intensity this tool can be of great benefit if used frequently.
Use with an essential oil for greater benefit. There are many youtube and tiktok videos related to the benefits of using a shroom guasha's. These will be off greater benefit by providing the related face massage videos or instructions on how to use correctly, with technique.
This skincare tool also makes a great gift idea, simple premium jade or rose quartz gua sha tool. Great gift for your family, friends, lover. It is a perfect gift no matter the occasion.

Natural crystal stone
Improves blood circulation and skin tone
Promotes lymphatic drainage and collagen production
Reduces puffiness, wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles
Eliminates toxins
Can be refrigerated to extend the coolness

Tip: If you are a salon use two at the same time for a symmetrical facial massage as a relaxing end to your clients facial treatment.

Each Piece comes in a pouch for safe storage.

What's in the box
1 x Mini Mushroom Guasha