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Portable Pro Mini Facial Steamer

Easy to use ion facial steamer now available

This face steamer provides abundant hot steam, open pores and increase nutrient absorption, promote the regeneration of collagen and restore delicate and smooth skin. It also help the skin pores release, activate the blood circulation, better improve the wrinkle.

Salon Or Home Use - Facial Steamer Face Sprayer Vaporizer Beauty Salon Health Care Instrument Machine
Deep Cleansing: facial steamer adopts ion vaporization technology, and generates superfine steam that can be easily absorbed by skin, Steam combined with ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin than basic hot water steamers.

Ozone atomization function: Ozone atomization can sterilize, soften the stratum corneum, and promote blood circulation, which is essential for healthy skin.

✨Smart shut off design to ensure safety. One-press for easy operating.

✨Compact Table Top Design, portable and free your hands.

✨Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin to absorb enough nutrition.

✨Accelerate skin microcirculation, effectively supply moisture and relieve dryness for skin.

✨Portable, quick and easy setup.
Great for pop-up events, mobile therapists or your establishment.