Pocket Prayer Mat (Musallah) with Compass

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Muslim compass prayer mat made of high quality polyester fiber, waterproof nylon material. Can be easily folded and kept in pocket for convenience. Prayer mat comes in a pouch with a mini compass on the front. The portable prayer mat is durable and has good wear resistance. The compass will assist an individual with locating the prayer direction (Direction of the Qibla) thus ensuring certainty of direction wherever you are. The foldable prayer mat is made of waterproof fabric and is very lightweight compared to the conventional prayer mat, so you can easily put the portable prayer mat in your bag and take it anywhere.
Makes an ideal gift for your loved one, to a muslim friend, Jalsa, wedding trays (Kunchas)

5 Variants to choose from
Size guide available on the pictures
Note: Allow for 1cm error due to manual measurement