Ready to go Jersey Burka (Hijab) with Studded Neck Strap

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Ready to go - slip on, strap and voila - Easy to use Hijab/Burka


Ready to go Hijab with backstrap. Fabric is stretch jersey type and non-slip.

- Muslim Hijab Scarf - Women's Plain Muslim Islamic Headscarf Hijab Full - covers the head and wraps around the neck to fix it firmly.
- The hijab scarf can be used with abaya dresses, tops, or trousers for a simple or sophisticated look.
- The stretch material provides a flattering fit to the head and has two straps with two press studs to ensure the best fit on the head and around your neck, which keeps it in place, no need to worry about the wind.
- One size fits all: Ready-to-go headscarf stretchy under hijab cap with press studs casual scarf for Muslim women, one size fits all, fit for different seasons or different occasions. Suitable for a variety of face shapes.
- Stretch fit, if slightly big at the neck point it can be stitched up to fit snugly or simply fold on the sides of the face to achieve a snug fit.

Great for those who just can't get the hang of scarf draping yet, but still has the scarf look. Can be used a volumizer underneath (Volumizer not included).

The strap has press studs that easily snap into place, you can leave the remaining out to hang over the neck or tuck into your shirt without the discomfort of bulkiness at the neck.
Have a low-neck top? This burka/hijab covers the neck area adequately as well.

4 different color variants are available:
- Black
- Navy blue
- Grey
- Khaki

Please allow for slight discrepancies in color on pictures due to lighting and shadows.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Chosen Color Headscarf (Burka)