Sakura Rose Hydrating Facial Sleeping Mask

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Rich in sakura extracts, seaweed essence, hyaluronic acid, and other nourishing ingredients to intensively repair and protect the skin.
The sleeping mask serum can restore the lost moisture in your skin when you are sleeping, and let your skin moisturize, be well-rested and dynamic when waking up.
No need to wash off. Refreshing & easy to absorb. Hydrating & Repairing.

Sakura extracts: Improve rough skin.
Seaweed essence: Smoothing, leave skin firming.
Hyaluronic acid: nourishing restores lost moisture.

The sleeping mask can provide good moisture for the skin, especially in autumn and winter, and can effectively prevent the skin during the sleep process from drying, oxidation, roughness, and aging, it is recommended to use before sleep.

How to use:
- No need to wash (But you can wash it with warm water next morning if you like)
- Use 2-3 times a week
- Apply 20 minutes before makeup, the makeup will have a more dewy effect

Perfect as a travel essential. Compact and easy to use. Mask & Sleep

Compressed Facial Mask:
- Simply drop into the preferred liquid or serum
- Allow for expansion
- Place on face and allow maximum absorption of the serum on the facial area

Ideal for extra pamper sessions.