SpongillaTech® Algae Peel (Home Use)

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SpongillaTech® created a herbal/algae peeling mask powder containing a natural peeling ingredient, i.e. Sponge spicules, herbal ingredient, algae ingredient and collagen, that has multiple functions such as bactericidal anti-inflammatory, inhibiting pigmentation, anti-acne, shrinks pores, anti-ageing and freckle removing.
This peel is an all-natural peel that comprises spicules from freshwater algae.
Spongilla Spicules extracted from the freshwater sponge, and is a very small spicule with a needle like shape, these micro particles are massaged into the skin, which can stimulate the basal layer of the epidermis, help to activate the skin microcirculation, reduce skin pores blockings, also help to speed up the skin regenerative cycle, by accelerating ageing cuticle which naturally flakes. A poking sensation is experienced during treatment and after approximately 72 hours the sponge spicules fall off automatically with the corneum together, revealing new, fresh and healthier skin. (Peeling)
This is the raw ingredient used in many of the algae/herbal peels and contains spicules with the highest % of purity used as a single ingredient in most cosmetics forms such as cream, lotion, liquid or powder. Compared with sponge powder, our spicules are white in colour, have a much higher purity content and have much less risk of skin infection, however, it is combined with herbal extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals making them green in colour.
And after this round of rapid cell division and intensive repairing, the skin cells achieve brighter skin and a higher level of vitality, and the appearance of the skin performance improved significantly.
This is a cosmetic grade peel and is recommended to therapists in the field or home professionals. Instruction guidelines are meant to be followed strictly to avoid incorrect use of the product.
This Algae/Herbal Peels can be used on the face area as well as the body areas, it is a resurfacing peel for rejuvenated and even-toned skin, but also great improvement observed on acne prone skin. 

  • Anti-acne
  • Even toned
  • Oil control

Note: This sachet provides resurfacing peel.  It comes with guidelines on how to use the 3 different types of peeling

Superficial, Mild and Intense

1 Home Kit can provide 2 full facial treatments
3 Sessions Recommended for significant improvement, however you will notice a difference from the first treatment.

Ensure to check for allergies. 

Sensitive skin to approach with caution, always begin with a superficial peel to determine your reaction to the peel.

What's in the box
1 x 2g Algae Powder
1 x 10ml Peeling Solution
1 x 10ml Pure Aloe & Cica Repair Gel