6 Grid Grain Dispenser

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6Grid Grain Dispenser

Rotary Transparent Dry Food Storage Container Kitchen/Home BPA Free Material: The kitchen grain separation tank is made of ABS, PET, and AS material.
The recessed top cover is removable for easy addition of various grains, and the top cover is tightly closed to prevent the entry of dust, bugs, and debris. With a transparent design, the remaining capacity in the dispenser can be clearly observed and replenished in time.

Specification: 24cmx27cm, the grain storage container has 6 compartments, which can store different types of grains and other foods at the same time, such as red beans, mung beans, millet, barley, corn kernels, oats, candy, coffee beans, or casual snacks.

360°rotation: This grain dispenser can rotate freely

One-click intelligent quantitative rice collection, no waste, and comes with a drawer-type rice-taking box, which is convenient for storage and reduces spillage. Space-saving: The rotating rice bucket is suitable for placing in corners and countertops, and can also be placed in dish racks, refrigerators, and cabinets, saving more space and keeping your kitchen neat and tidy