Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs - Kegel Exercise

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Yoni wands and eggs offer a wide variety of benefits for both health and pleasure. If you are looking to improve your pelvic health, relieve menstrual cramps, or increase your libido, a yoni wand or egg may be a good option for you.

Yoni Eggs are semi precious natural crystal quartz stones that carved into the shape of eggs which can be healing her body.

Authentic rose quartz yoni eggs, wand and Grandeur Tissues

Yoni is derived from Sanskrit meaning “womb”. These rose quartz tools are egg shaped that are placed inside and are said to promote sensuality, strengthening and healing of the body holistically. They can be made of various crystals, popularly clear quartz, rose quartz, and jade, each type of crystal serving a specific purpose. Our Yoni eggs are egg-shaped gems, made from authentic Rose Quartz.

It is generally recommended you keep your yoni egg practice to under 20 minutes while awake and active

- To increase sensation.
- To tone and tighten.
- To reconnect to this sacred space.
- To reignite sensuality.
- To increase libido.
- To strengthen pelvic muscles
- Release stored sexual trauma
- Restore sensation & increase pleasure
- Reconnect to your body

Ensure to clean thoroughly after use
Tips: Clean your Yoni Tools after use with a mild, natural soap and hot, but not boiling, water. You can also soak the wand overnight in a water bath with some sea salt, apple vinegar or a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil. Let the eggs and wand air dry after each cleaning.

To energetically clean and charge (naturally) the yoni eggs and wand, you can smoke it with white sage or hold it under running water. Since the eggs and wand can also often release negative energies in the yoni, we recommend regular energetic cleansing to avoid reintroducing dissolved negative energies.

Allow for approximately1cm error due to manual measurement
Note: Color may vary slightly due to the natural stone used

Each one is not the same in color due to the material used, jade pattern, thickness. As this item are carved processed by natural stone.

Due to the color difference between different computers, please refer to the package received.

Comes in a box - and can be gifted

3 x Yoni Balls with string

1 x Yoni Wand