Zinc Alloy Eye Cream Applicator & Massage Tool

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This eye cream massager wand is made of Zinc Alloy, also an eye massager tool, or a small size body massager. It is made of material, which is and lasting for use. It is one of the best choices for you.

Great for salons and spas to give a little extra Pamper and particularly great for those individuals who are germ conscious


-Material: Zinc Alloy
- It is very easy to use eye massager t-shaped tool, don't need to worry about massage method.
- Such a beautiful wand massages the eye area and promotes blood circulation around eye areas, relieves fatigue of eyes and help reduce eye skin problems like black eye circle.
- Zinc alloy material, , smooth surface, improve eye microcirculation.
- Increase product absorption by massaging in
- Mini portable style, perfect for carrying in your purse, pocket or bag.