3 x Authentic Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs with Strings

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These exquisite gemstones are carefully crafted and polished to offer you a natural and healing experience for your intimate wellness. Rose Quartz, known as the "Stone of Love," is believed to bring love, compassion, and balance to your life. (100% Rose Quartz). When used as Yoni eggs, they can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase awareness of your body, and promote a sense of self-love and empowerment.

Holistic well-being and explore the ancient wisdom of Yoni eggs with our Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs. They are more than just gemstones; they are a pathway to a deeper connection with your body and inner well-being.

To increase sensation.
To tone and tighten.
To reconnect to this sacred space.
To reignite sensuality.

Color may vary slightly due to the natural color of the stone.

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3 x Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs with Strings