Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Gold Luminant Ampoule (K Beauty)

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Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Gold Luminant Ampoule is an ampoule extracted with high concentration of 99.9% pure gold and Stem cell culture medium. Bi-Phase 24K Gold functional raw materials and various plant extracts based recipes were made to maximize the functions of the ampoule
  • 4k pure gold foils are added in serum so it absorbs moisture and gently onto the skin. Foils help to penetrate highly concentrated extracts deep into the skin.
  • [Natural Ingredients] Ingredients of niacinamide and adenosine restore skin elasticity. Skin ampoule leaves no sticky residue and gives you a refreshing finish. Adenosine strengthens skin elasticity and revitalizes tired skin.
  • Protect your skin by providing moisture. Ampoule delays skin aging and has excellent efficacy in purifying and revitalizing skin tone.
  • [K Beauty Skin Solution] Ampoule has glowing effects. One essence bottle is enough for glowing skin. 
  • [How To Use]
  • 1. Open the cap which is placed on the top of the ampoule by bending backwards. 
  • 2. Cover with an enclosed silicone cap and apply to the entire face. 
  • 3. Spread ampoule on face evenly and pat it to absorb it


 1 Vial is 10ml

Use with beauty devices for increased efficacy (Dermapen)

* Please keep out of reach of children and avoid exposure to sunlight.