Stayve - BB Booster Starter Kit

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BB Booster Starter Kit - Booster Serums
Mesotherapy/Microneedling Ampoules

Skin Treatment Kit that has different ampoules to address a variety of skin concerns. Serums absorbs into your skin layers to give effective results.

It improves skin texture, Lifting, Firming and Hydration Booster. Reduces wrinkles, dark eye circles and Hydrates your skin.

This BB Starter treatment kit gives best result with microneedling. Ideal to incorporate these serums with the bb glow treatment.

Suitable for: All Skin types to address specific skin concerns

12 Vials (3 x Whitening Stem Cell Ampoules, 3 x Aqua Stem Cell Ampoules, 2 x Salmon DNA Gold Ampoules, 2 x EGF Peptide Gold Ampoules, 2 x Acne Stem Cell)

What's in the box
12 x Vials (8ml)
2 x Droppers