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Wooden Square Puzzle Brainteaser

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Wooden Square Puzzle Brainteaser

Puzzle piece game with interesting logical thinking and perfect for development of brain. Handcrafted from premium grade, fully organic wood by the finest master craftsmen using only time-honored traditional methods and techniques. This wooden toy provides challenges to not only kids but suitable for adults who enjoy mentally stimulating puzzles.

Help children exercise logical thinking and hands-on ability, improve spatial imagination and creative thinking. A good gift for all ages, Effective release of adult work pressure, much fun to play with it. This octagon 3D puzzle is a beautiful wooden brain teaser puzzle with 12 non-identical pieces. This puzzle has one key piece which is the first to go out and the last to go in. Once you get it apart you must assemble the pieces back together in precisely the correct way.

Not a very simple puzzle to solve. We provide a guideline, however we suggest several attempts before getting some guidance. Easy to take it apart but difficult to assemble, including instruction manual reading instruction if you don’t want to have the challenge ruined. Enjoy the satisfaction of brain teaser puzzle challenge well done.

Dimension – 12 pieces brain teaser puzzles are made of bamboo with smooth finish. 
Mini Size: About 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Comes with Grandeur pouch easy to carry with and can keep you busy for a long time. Color may vary slightly due to lighting and screen settings